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 Etching is one of the most important process in fabricating semiconductor. So only a handful of companies in the world has the capability of design, develop and produce etcher. GigaLane is global No. 1 LED etcher maker in terms of quality and market share, and expanding its domain to semiconductor arena with its newly upgraded DRIE etcher.

 GigaLane’s RF technology covers from DC to 67GHz. GigaLane is not only Korea’s largest RF connectivity component provider but also the trusted supplier of active RF device and module for network communication and military industry. Through a continuous research and development, GigaLane aims to be a global RF component provider.

 MEMS process technology is essential for miniaturization, low power consumption, and sophistication of semiconductor device. GigaLane has internalized and been operating 8” MEMS Fab internally since 2006 and accumulating variety of MEMS process technology. By combining its plasma etcher technology and RF technology, GigaLane continuously introduce ground-breaking MEMS product for semiconductor and RF industries.