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Carlisle Group
by 운영자 | Date 2017-06-05 11:17:06 hit 2,408


In 1959, Carlisle Interconnect Technologies (then Tensolite) became part of Carlisle Companies Incorporated (NYSE:CSL). CarlisleIT continues to enjoy the support of Carlisle today, which provides the financial strength and resources to allow us to explore emerging technologies and new opportunities as they come to light.

As Carlisle Interconnect Technologies evolved with the markets we serve it became apparent that we needed to add to our ability to provide total interconnect solutions. Starting in 1998, CarlisleIT began to implement a strategy to vertically integrate into value added cable assemblies. Our focus was to provide superior high speed, high density and RF/microwave cable assemblies to our customers. We have since added more capabilities through aquistions that make us a Turn-Key solution for many applications. This satisfied the desire of the major electronic OEM's to focus on a select group of suppliers that could offer value added solutions.